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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy MassagePrenatal massage during pregnancy can help to relax and reduce stress and give relief from muscle cramps and spasms in the lower back and legs. Increase in blood and lymph circulation can reduce swelling and puffiness.

Breathing and relaxation techniques help to keep the baby calm thus allowing the woman to feel more connected to her baby. If the woman is calm this will create a relaxed environment for her baby.

Hormone changes benefit from pregnancy massage as the relaxation process relieves any anxiety or depression.

A pregnancy massage therapist will aim to stimulate muscles and circulatory function using medium pressure and stroking movements. A massage can be done right up until birth as long a the woman feels comfortable.

Our couches also add extra comfort as they are designed with removable holes for the breasts and belly to cradle and give support to you and your baby.

We also offer pregnancy parties for ladies who want to relax and catch up with their friends.


1 hour £80
90 mins £115
2 hours £150